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Diwali Diya Recipe : Chocolate Cereal Diya


1 cup chocolate chips or buttons
2 tbsp. Butter
2 cup rice, wheat or other cereal

Method :

Line diyas moulds with foil paper well pressed. Keep aside. 
Place a large pan or double boiler with water to boil. 
Place a small pan or upper section over simmering water. 
Add chocolate chips and butter, melt while stirring very gently. 
When smooth and even in texture, add cereal. 
Mix well, take off fire, cool a little. 
Pour a small portion into a prepared diya, press into shape with back of a teaspoon. 
Repeat for remaining mixture. Allow to cool and harden. 
Refrigerate if necessary till hard. 
Carefully pry out of mould, peel off foil, place on a plate. 
Fill as desired. Repeat for all diyas.