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Kheer Recipe

Indian Recipe for Diwali : Kheer Recipe


Milk 1 liter
Rice 200 grams (soaked for ˝ an hour before cooking)
Sugar to taste 
Cashew nut a few (finely chopped)
Cardamom 4 to 5 pieces (peeled off seeds only)
Raisin a few (soaked few minutes before adding)	

Method :

Put the milk on a pan and let it boil for a few minutes, keeping the flame at low. Stir continuously when the milk becomes a little thick. Put sugar into the milk and stir constantly until the sugar melts. When the entire content is ready, put the rice in it and, stirring at intervals, let it boil for a while. When the rice is cooked, garnish it with the chopped cashew nuts, cardamoms and raisins. Serve it hot.