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Motichoor Laddu

Indian Recipe for Diwali : Motichoor Laddu


3 cups gram flour
2 cups water
4 cups sugar
3 tbsp rice flour
oil for frying

Method :

Mix gram flour and water to a smooth thick batter. Put water in a large bowl and keep it handy. Heat oil in a kadai and line it with a strainer that fits in neatly. Using a slotted spoon, gently tap the gram flour batter through the holes into the oil. When done, lift out the strainer with the fried boondi and drop on paper towels to drain out the excess oil.

Quickly dip the boondis in the bowl full of water kept ready and remove. Wipe dry the strainer before tapping the next batch. When all the boondis are ready, bring water and sugar to a boil to obtain syrup of soft ball consistency. Take 3 tbsp of the syrup, heat it in a thick bottomed pan till frothy. Add the boondis and stir the mixture till it begins to leave the sides of the pan. While still warm, shape a little of the mixture into a laddu. Coat the hands with rice flour or cornflour for easier handling. Makes about 20 laddus. Store in an airtight jar.