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Indian Cooking Recipe : Pyajo

Ingredients :
For the wadas :
2 teacups gram dal
2 sliced onions
10 green chillies
salt to taste
oil for deep frying

For the curry :
4 large boiled potatoes
2 large coconuts
2 sticks cinnamon
2 cloves
1 tsp maida
1½ tsp chilli powder
2 tbsp powdered gram dal
2 tbsp ghee
salt to taste

For the sweet chutney :
1 teacup tamarind
1 teacup dates
1 teacup gur
½ tsp chilli powder
salt to taste

For the garlic chutney :
1 pod garlic
6 tsp chilli powder
1 small raw mango (optional)
salt to taste

For the garam masala :
15 small red chillies
14 cloves
4 stick cinnamon
3 tbsp coriander seeds
6 bay leaves

For serving :
2 teacups crushed wafers
2 teacups boiled gram (channa)
2 chopped onions

Method :
For the wadas :
Soak the dal overnight
Put the green chillies and grind coarsely.
Put the sliced onions and salt and shape into wadas.
Deep fry in oil.

For the curry :
Cut the potatoes in cubes. Grate the coconuts, put 6 teacups of water and allow to stand for a little while.
Blend in a liquidizer and strain. Heat the ghee in a vessel and sauté the cinnamon and cloves.
Put the potatoes, coconut milk, flour, chilli powder, gram dal powder and salt.
Allow it to boil for at least 20 minutes.

For the sweet chutney :
Wash the tamarind and dates. Remove the seeds and put the gur and 2 teacups of water.
Allow to soak for at least 3 to 4 hours.
Blend the mixture in a liquidiser and strain.
Put the chilli powder and salt and stir properly.

For the garlic chutney :
Grind the ingredients together and put ½ teacup of water and salt.

For the garam masala :
Roast all the ingredients together. Allow it to cool and powder it.

How to serve :
Cut each wada into four parts.
Put the wada pieces at the bottom of a big serving dish.
Put the crushed wafers, gram and onions.
Pour the boiling curry on top.
Serve with the chutneys and garam masala separately.