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Indian Cooking Recipe : Noodles With Spicy Curry Sauce

Ingredients :
200gm egg noodles boiled & rolled
3 tbsp curry paste
3cups/ 300ml Coconut milk
2tbsp fish sauce/soya sauce
1tbsp palm sugar
1cup chicken stock
100gm Chicken strips (pan fried)
boiled broccoli/carrots/egg plants
2 boiled eggs-cut into quarters

For the Curry paste :
5 dried chillies-soaked
1 diced Onion
10 garlic cloves
1tsp garlic
1tsp lemon ringlet
10-15 black pepper corn
50 gm dried fish/shrimps
salt To taste

Method :
Squeeze dried chillies & blend with blend with all the ingredients until smooth paste
Mix one and half cup of coconut milk with chicken broth in the pot over low heat. Leave it to simmer.
Sauté curry paste with ½ cup coconut milk on slow heat.
Transfer the curry paste to coconut broth pot.
Add chicken & vegetables & bring it to a boil.
Season with fish sauce, sugar & remaining coconut milk.
Spoon over boiled (rolled) vermicelli .
Garnish with boiled eggs