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Indian Cooking Recipe for Festivals: Dial Lehiyam (Awaleha)


Aniseed (Ajwain) - 200gm
Cumin seed - 1 tea spoon
Black pepper - 1 tablespoon
Dry Ginger - 100 gm
Ginger - small piece
Jaggery - 200 gms
Ghee - 2 table spoons

Method :

Wash aniseed well,soak all the ingredients except jaggery and ghee in water 
Drain the water,grind them nicely into a paste 
Keep jaggery in a pan on fire , allow jaggery to dissolve,remove and strain it 
Keep the strained jaggery juice in a pan on fire and add the ground paste 
Stir well  while adding ghee till the lehiyam leaves the sides of the vessel 
Remove it from the pan,store in a dry container 
This preparation is good for digestion