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Indian Recipe for Holi : Shahi Tukra


bread slices--10 no.
ghee-- to fry
rabri or condensed milk--115gm
khoya-- 115gm
milk--a little
silver leaves--16no
cardamom small--4no.
saffron color--few drops
kewra essence or rose water--few drops
pistachio nuts--15gm

Method :

Remove the crust of bread slices and deep fry to golden fry color. Heat milk add sugar. Add fried bread slices when it is quiet thick. Add condensed milk and all the ingredients except nuts and silver leaves. Cook on slow fire till milk becomes very thick. Arrange the bread slices in plates. Pour rest of the milk mixture over it, cover with silver leaves, sprinkle shredded nuts on top and serve warm NOTE: Sugar should be put according to the sweetness required.