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Fruit and Jelly Trifle

Indian Cooking Recipe : Fruit and Jelly Trifle

Ingredients :
100 gms orange jelly
200 gms fresh cream
½ slice any sponge cake
450 gms fruit cocktail
3 tbsp powdered sugar
2 tsp orange squash
½ tsp lemon juice
a few drops orange essence
a few drops orange colouring

For garnishing :
Orange wafers

Method :
Melt the jelly in 2½ teacups of boiling water.
Cool and add the orange squash.
Pour a little jelly in a 175 mm (7") diameter sandwich cake tin and put to set in the refrigerator.
Drain the fruit and keep aside the syrup.
Beat the cream with the sugar until it becomes thick.
When the jelly sets, put the cakes slice on top and sprinkle a little of the fruit syrup.
Spread the fruit pieces on top.
Put the vessel containing the remaining jelly mixture in a large vessel filled with ice-cubes and continue to stir all the time.
When the mixture becomes slightly thick, put 1 teacup of the beaten cream and the lemon juice, orange essence and orange colouring.
When the mixture gets thicker, pour over the fruit and put to set in the refrigerator.
Before serving, dip the mould in hot water for a few seconds and unmould on a plate.
Beat the remaining cream again until it becomes thick.
Fit a piping bag with a 12 mm. (½") star nozzle, fill with the cream and pipe the cream around the pudding.
Garnish with orange wafers.
Ready to serve cold.