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Fudge Rolls

Indian Cooking Recipe : Fudge Rolls

Ingredients :

1 packet Parley-G glucose biscuits
1 ½ cups sugar
4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 cup strong coffee decoction
½ butter stick
1-2 drops vanilla essence
2-3 plastic foils


Grind glucose biscuits to a fine powder in a mixer & keep it aside in a bowl.
Grind sugar separately to a fine powder in a mixer & keep it aside in a bowl.
Sieve the above two separately so that the end powder is really fine.
In a mixing bowl, put 1 cup of fine powdered glucose biscuit, 1 cup of fine sugar powder, 4 tbsp of cocoa powder & mix well.
To this fine mixture, add little by little coffee decoction & make it into a dough.
Divide this dough into 2 big ball like portions.
Take each ball & make it flat by hand like a small pancake.
Take a chapathi board, put a plastic foil on it, above that, put this pancake, then above that, put another plastic foil and roll the pancake evenly into a big circle.
In the meanwhile, take another mixing bowl, put together the butter, 10 -12 tbsp of the remaining powder sugar & the vanilla essence. Beat it really well such that it becomes like icing cream.
Now, remove the top plastic foil, & spread this icing butter thick & evenly on the pancake.
Next, hold the bottom plastic foil, & roll the pancake slowly & carefully with the plastic foil.
Repeat the same for the other ball too.
Refrigerate these two rolls in the freezer for about 25-30 mins.
After that, remove the roll from the plastic foil, cut the rolls into small pieces & serve.