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Honey Comb Mould

Indian Cooking Recipe : Honey Comb Mould

Ingredients :

600 ml milk
30 g castor sugar
15 g gelatine
2 large eggs
vanilla essence or lemon or orange rind
4 tbsp water

Method :

If orange or lemon rind is being used for flavouring, slowly infuse thinly-cut strips of rind into the milk.
Remove the rind and make a custard with the egg yolks, sugar and flavoured milk.
If using essence add to the custard after the sugar.
Dissolve gelatine in measured water and while still warm stir into the custard.
Allow to cool. When just beginning to set, fold in the stiffly-whisked egg whites.
Set in a ring mould.
Turn out and serve with fruit salad pil ed up the hollow.
Decorate with whipped cream.