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Mast Chakachak Flan

Indian Cooking Recipe : Mast Chakachak Flan

Ingredients :

2 cups gelatin powder
2 cups hot water
2 cups fresh cream
6 biscuits
Mango or any fruit
½ cup castor sugar

Method :

For the Mast Chakachak Flan :
Mix gelatin in hot water till it gets completely dissolved.
Keep it aside to cool down.
Add 1 cup fresh cream and beat this in the mixes.
Crush the biscuits and spread evenly on a tray.
Put half of the gelatin mixture on top evenly.
Then layer the mango pieces.
Add another layer of biscuits and then gelatin and again mangoes. Any number of layers can be made.
Refrigerate for atleast 4 hours.

For the Icing :
Over a bowl of ice-cold water, immerse another bowl containing the remaining cream.
Beat strokes with a fork gently in the upward direction.
Add the castor sugar and mix well only with the fork. Put this in the icing cone and keep the cone in fridge.
After the flan is ready and set, decorate with the icing.