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Rava Payasam

Indian Cooking Recipe : Rava Payasam

Ingredients :

100 gms wheat rava
200 gms sugar
1 litre milk
1 tbsp cashew nut
1 tbsp kismis
2 tbsp ghee
¼ tsp cardomam powder

Method :

In a frying pan add little ghee.
Roast cashew nuts and kismis and keep aside.
Roast wheat rava in the balance ghee till the raw flavour is lost.
In a thick vessel boil 2 measures of water.
Add the roasted rava and cook it.
Then add sugar.
Allow it to boil for 2 or 3 minutes.
Remove from fire.
Add the boiled milk to the payasam, and add kismis, cashewnuts and cardomam powder.