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Shavge Payasam

Indian Cooking Recipe : Shavge Payasam

Ingredients :

1 pocket shavage or vermecille
1 litre milk
5 tsp sugar
2 elaichi
10 gms kaju or cashew
10 gms raisins
10 gms badami or almond

Method :

Break the vermecille to small bits and fry them in ghee until it is dark brown, or it starts to give that aroma.
After it cools, take a little bit of cool milk and add the vermecille into it.
See to that it does not become clusters.
Then heat it in a low flame, slowly add the rest of the milk stirring it occasionally and bring it to a boil.
After you bring it down from the stove add Sugar and stir it.
Add powdered elaichi.
Saute or fry Almonds, raisins and cashews in Ghee and add them to the payasam.