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Simple Falooda

Indian Cooking Recipe : Simple Falooda

Ingredients :

½ litre unboiled milk
1 tin condensed milk
1 packet jelly
4 tbsp custard powder
ripe mango, seddless grapes
5 drops vanilla essence
5 drops pista essence
green color pinch
5 dried grapes, broken cashews, badam

Method :

Set jelly and keep it in fridge.
Mix together condensed milk and unboiled milk. Boil on low-medium flame.
Dissolve custard powder in small qty of milk and pour it into the milk when it reaches boil.
Simmer gas for 5 mins till mixture is thick. Then, take off gas and cool for a while.
Now divide the qty of the mixture into two, by pouring it into 2 separate vessels.
Add vanilla essence into the mixture in one vessel and pista essence with green color into mixture in another vessel.
Keep the 2 vessels in fridge. After an hour, remove the 2 vessels, beat the contents separately in mixes and rest the 2 vessels again in fridge like before.
After well set, break jelly into pieces and take out the 2 vessels.

How to Serve :
Take a tall glass. Pour jelly at the bottom.
On top of it, place a scoop of vanilla icecream.
On top of it, place finely cut pieces of mango,grapes
Next, place a scoop of pista icecream.
Decorate with dried grapes, broken cashews & badam.
Ready to serve.