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Tawa Shami Kebab

Indian Cooking Recipe : Tawa Shami Kebab

Ingredients :
250 gms lamb, minced
100 gms dal chana (soaked in water)
1½ tbsp oil
khada masala
1 bay leaf
1 stick cinnamon
5 Big cardamom
5-6 small cardamom
10-12 cloves
10-12 black peppercorn (roughly crushed)
5 red chilli, whole
15 garlic cloves
20 gms ginger sliced
20 gms brown onion
2 tsp saffron dissolved
¼ tsp elachi powder
kewara few drops
2 tsp chopped coriander
¼ egg (beaten)
15 gms khoya, grated
2 lemons wedge
oil to shallow fry
700 ml water

Method :
In a pan/cooker, heat 1½ tbsp oil and add khada masala, when it crackles add ginger, garlic, saute for a minute.
Add soaked dal, minced lamb, brown onion, black pepper, red chilli whole, water.
Bring to boil and simmer, keep it covered until the dal is mashed (add more water if required).
When completely dry, remove from fire.
Take bay leaf and a big cardamom. Minced the mixture and add saffron, elaichi powder, kewara, coriander, egg and khoya.
Mix nicely and make small patties.
Shallow fry these patties on tawa and serve with mint chutney & lemon wedge.