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Tindora Pickle

Indian Cooking Recipe : Tindora Pickle

Ingredients :

¼ lb tindora
1½ tsp chilli powder
1 tsp mustard ground into powder
½ tsp methi grounded into powder
Salt to taste
6 flakes garlic
Sesame oil as needed

Method :

First clean the tindora and wipe them with a clean cloth thoroughly.
Cut them into 4 pieces length wise and then cut them into half.
Now add the chillipowder, mustard powder, methi powder, salt, garlic and oil to the cut pieces.
Oil should be in such a manner that all the pieces must be submerged in it.
Mix it well with a spatula and leave it undisturbed for three days.
After three days you can open it and adjust the salt if it is less and can start using it.