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Black Forest Cake

Indian Cooking Recipe : Black Forest Cake

Ingredients :

150 gms castor sugar
90 gms flour
20 gms cocoa
½ tsp baking powder
Vanilla essence a few drops
100 gms cream
Grated chocolate for decoration
50 gms cherries
2 tsp rum
½ cup syrup of cherries
2 tsp castor sugar
2 eggs

Method :

Deseed the cherries and cut into half for decoration.
Sieve the flour, cocoa, baking powder atleast 4 to 6 times.
Beat the eggs and sugar placing it in hot water till it is light and fluffy.
Remove from water and add flour by cut and fold method. Add the vanilla essence.
Grease a baking dish and pour this mixture into it.
Bake at 200 degree C for half an hour.
Cool the cake and cut horizontally into two parts.
Mix the rum and syrup of cherries and moist the two parts of the cake with this.
Beat the cream and sugar stiffly placing it on ice.
Spread the cream on the lower part of cake.
Arrange the cherries and spread the grated chocolate.
Place the other part of the cake on top of this and decorate with the cream, grated chocolate and cherries.
Chill well and serve.