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Indian Cooking Recipe : Cutlets

Ingredients :
1 beetroot
¼ pav shelled green peas
5 green chillies
½ pav rava
1 tsp Bengal gram dal
1 tsp black gram dal
4 potatoes
1 red chilli
½ tsp mustard seeds
2 garlic cloves
4 tsp oil
ghee for roasting
salt to taste

Method :
Wash potato. Boil. Peel and keep aside.
Boil peas separately, till it becomes tender.
Scrape off the beetroot skin.
Wash and grate. Kept aside the gratings.
Prepare seasoning in frying pan with red chillies, Bengal gram dal and black gram dal in oil.
Add beetroot gratings, chopped green chillies, boiled peas, garlic cloves (peeled and crushed) to the seasoning and cook for sometime.
Take out from flame.
Mash potato in it, add salt and prepare the cutlet blend.
Shape portions of the blend into slightly elongated balls, flatten by pressing with fingers.
Dust with rava. Roast both sides of the culets on a hot dosa pan, smeared with ghee, 4-5 at a time.