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Paneer Cake

Indian Cooking Recipe : Paneer Cake

Ingredients :

½ gallon milk
Vinegar to split milk
Pinch of cooking soda
¼ tsp rava
¼ tsp maida
1 cup sugar
Cardamom powder

Method :

First split the milk to make paneer. Allow all the water to drain, till it becomes stiff.
Then to this paneer, add sooji. maida, soda, ½ cup sugar. Mix all very well.
In a non-stick pan, lightly grease with butter and put on low heat.
Add the paneer mixture. Cover and let cook.
When one side is light brown, remove the cake on a plate and slide it back to the same pan to cook the other side to brown.
Towards the other side, make chashni (sugar syrup).
To the remaining ½ cup sugar, add 1 cup water. Also add cardamom powder.
When the paneer cake is done, pour hot chashni(sugar syrup) on the top, while it still is in the heat.
Cover and let cook in slow heat for a minute.
Then off the heat and let the paneer cake cool in the room temperature.
Cut into slices and serve.