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Pani Puri

Indian Cooking Recipe : Pani Puri

Ingredients :
For Puris :
1 cup wheat flour
1 cup maida
5 cups rava
salt to taste

For Pani :
panipuri powder

Method :
For puris :
Make a dough using clubsoda (not water) to chapati consistency.
Make into tiny balls. Press 5 at a time in the roti maker.
Fry in very hot oil.

Preparation of pani :
Grind mint, greenchillies, lemonjuice, tamarind, panipuri powder with 2 litres of water.
Boil potatoes, moong beans mash and mix together.
Make a hole on one side in each puri and fill it with a teaspoon of the potato mixture.
Top with a little mint and tamarind chutney.
To eat, dip each gol gappa into the prepared water and eat.