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Pista Cake

Indian Cooking Recipe : Pista Cake

Ingredients :

1 cup pista
2 cups sugar
1 ½ cup ghee
Milk just enough to grind the pista
2 to 3 drops pista essence

Method :

Soak pista for 4 hours in cold water.
Peel the skin and grind pista into a paste adding milk instead of water.
The paste must be like tomato sauce.
In a thick bottom vessel pour the paste and sugar and keep it on the stove.
Keep stiring constantly so that it does not stick to the vessel.
Once the sugar is dissolved start adding ghee little by little.
The cake will start thickning . Add as much as ghee is needed.
Once the cake leaves the bottom of the vessel add the essence and stir once.
Pour it in a greased tray and let it cool for some time.
Then cut it in desired shapes.
Ready to serve.