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Brinjal Bharth

Indian Cooking Recipe : Brinjal Bharth

Ingredients :
3-4 potatoes
½ cup coconut gratings
6 roasted red chillies
1 small piece asafoetida
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp oil
tamarind lump
1 sprig curry leaves
salt to taste.

Method :
Cut the brinjal into big pieces and boil in water.
Peel the boiled brinjal. Roast asafoetida and mustard a little with oil.
Grind masala using coconut gratings, roasted red chillies and tamarind.
Before taking out add the roasted mustard and asafoetida to masala.
Also add salt and grind for another few minutes.
Then add a little water and mashed brinjal in it.