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Brinjal Upkari (Special)

Indian Cooking Recipe : Brinjal Upkari (Special)

Ingredients :
½ kg brinjals
3 onions
3 tsp sambar powder
½ tsp mustard seeds
7-8 tsp oil
tamarind lump (big marble size)
1 small piece gur
1 spring curry leaves
salt to taste

Method :
Cut brinjal into thin slices. Apply salt and keep aside.
Cut onion also into thin slices.
Prepare seasoning in frying pan with mustard and curry leaves in oil. And onion slices.
Dissolve sambar powder in thick juice extracted from tamarind.
Pour the mix into pan. Add gur.
Squeeze brinjal pieces and drop them.
Turn over thoroughly. Cook under cover, on low flame, till tender.
Remove from flame. Serve.