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Indian Cooking Recipe : Pathravade

Ingredients :
25 colocasia (arvi) leaves
2½ cups coconut gratings
1 pav raw rice
25 roasted red chillies
1 small piece asafoetida
tamarind lump (size of 2 marbles)
salt to taste

Method :
Take out fibre from arvi leaves and wash thoroughly.
Soak rice in water. Grind coconut gratings with roasted red chillies, tamarind and asafoetida, without using much water.
Before removing the masala, put salt and soaked rice, and grind to a smooth (but not too fine) paste. (It should be stiff enough to stick to the leaf surface.)
Spread a large arvi leaf on a wooden board with back surface up and stalk end towards you.
Smear masala paste evenly all over the surface.
Keep a smaller leaf over it and repeat the smearing process.
After 5-6 leaves are placed one over the other like this, fold in the edges for about 2" on both sides, smear the folds with paste and then roll gently but firmly from the stalk end to the tip, in the shape of cylinder.
Cut each roll crosswise into two pieces, and cook them over steam in an idli vessel for about 45 minutes.
Remove and cut into slices of desired thickness (about ½") and serve.