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Indian Cooking Recipe : Sanna Khotto

Ingredients :
½ pav green gram/toovar dal
¾ pav rice
2 cups coconut gratings
tamarind lump (marble size)
15 roasted red chillies
1 small piece asafoetida
salt to taste

Method :
Soak rice with green gram or toovar dal for 2 to 3 hours in water.
Grind coconut gratings with tamarind, asafoetida and roasted red chillies and make a smooth paste.
Put salt and grind for some time.
Cook the masala over steam, under cover (in the same way as idli) in greased idli cups.
It can also be cooked in cups stitched with leaves of jackfruit tree (khotte) or in the inner container (greased) of a pressure cooker, like sannan.
Chopped onion can be mixed with masala, if desired.
Asafoetida is not required in that case.