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Indian Cooking Recipe : Nevri

Ingredients :
3 pav maida
2 cups sugar, finely powdered
2 cups coconut gratings
3 cardamom pods
1 pinch salt
oil for frying

Method :
To ½ cup water put a pinch of salt and just sufficient maida,
Stir well and make dough as for puri.
Keep the remaining maida aside.
Blend together powdered sugar, coconut gratings and powdered cardamom.
Make small pellets of the dough, dust them with maida one by one, and roll into puris.
Keep a pellet of the blend on one half of each puri and cover it up with the other half.
Press edge with fingers and close it, using a pastry cutter.
Deep fry the nevris in oil kept at smoking point, on steady flame, one by one.